Morning Glory Ornaments

Hand crafted ornaments made from colored polymer clay.

As each ornament is made after ordered, please allow up to two weeks for arrival of an order of 5 ornaments or less, four weeks for 5-10 ornaments, and up to six weeks for 10-15 ornaments.

Each ornament is an original design and if duplicates are requested, the duplicate will vary slightly from the original.

An order form can be requested on the contact page.  Approximate size of an ornament is 3″ by 3″.

Financial Information:

-Price is $12.00 per ornament.

-5.5 % sales tax in Wisconsin.

-$10.00 0ff on orders of 10 or more ornaments.

-Limit of 15 ornaments per order.


A few pictures of some original designs from 2016-2018:



              A Baltimore Oriole

Baltimore Orioles are among the most

beautiful birds in Wisconsin. With their

brilliant orange and shining black, they  

are a bird everyone runs to the window

to see.

             A Lamb and Kid with Holly 

   This design was inspired by the spring-

   time lambs and kids on a family  farm

   nestled deep in the rolling hills of Wisconsin.

   A bit of holly is all that is needed to make  

   this perfect for Christmas.

A Black-Capped Chickadee                                 

Pert, lively, and inquisitive, Black-Capped                

Chickadees are bursting with energy in                      

winter and even more so in summer.                       

Their sweet chirps and lively ways endear              

them wherever they go. 

            Black-Capped Chickadees

Pine Trees and Chickadees seem made for   

each other. The mossy green and somber          

brown go hand and hand with the soft  

shades of the chickadees feathers.


        Christmas in Norway  

If you go to Norway at Christmas time,

you will inevitably hear, “God Jul!”

This design brings to mind cheery

Christmas feasts of buttery oyster stew

and spicy rommegrot, a traditional cream



            Needle and Thread

This design was inspired by a lady who  

loved embroidery. She was an expert, and 

created many lovely pieces.



               Basket of Hearts

The deep red, Norwegian blue, and dark

yellow complement each other harmoniously 

in this basket weave design. 



All designs copyright 2018 by Morning Glory Ornaments.